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  • Houses of the Zodiac

    12 février 2017 ( #astrology )

    As there are 12 Houses in each birthchart they all relate to a specific area of life. They act like a stage for the Planets to show their influence. Sometimes there are many planets in one House, and always some are vacant. As I only deal with 10 Planets...


    17 février 2017 ( #monthly horoscope )

    What sometimes gets left out of the equation are the opportunities inherent in the apparent chaos of life -- chaos meaning, "the potential for change." A good example is the Eclipse period we are now passing through between 1/21 and 2/18. The Lunar Eclipse...

  • The Horizon and Meridian

    12 février 2017

    These are shown on the Birthchart as the Ascendant and Descendant Line and the Midheaven (MC) and (IC) the high and low of each chart. They show very strong emphasis within each chart. The Ascendant This shows the degree and sign that was rising at the...

  • The Sun in the Zodiac Houses

    12 février 2017

    1st House The Sun in the 1st shows a strong need to be seen. Self driven and looking for personal success. Like to be in charge and in control of their life. Will act like an Aries, and have additional drive and energy. Will needto accept some public...

  • Chinese New year 2020 starts in January

    31 octobre 2019

    The Chinese New Year known as the "Spring Festival" is celebrated on Saturday, January 25, 2020. Thus begins the year 4,718 of the traditional Chinese calendar, which corresponds to the year of the Rat. It is the most important celebration in China, with...

  • Horoscope 2018 for Gemini (my zodiac sign)

    25 octobre 2017

    For the natives of the sign of the twins is a time in which they must strengthen in the personal and in the private. It is not auspicious to be carried away by the affections, because you suffer from a serious emotional deprivation. Horoscope2018.guru...

  • Astrology forecast for May 2017

    14 avril 2017

    As major alignments between the outer planets begin to subside or generate momentum, May features a handful of smaller alignments that will provide some minor shifts and interest along the path of this month, but nothing tremendously consequential. For...

  • The Planetary Aspects

    12 février 2017

    Planets are expressed through their `natal' sign and house position, and also by the aspects they form with other Planets. These aspects are drawn on each chart, and different colours are used to denote whether the Planets have a compatible or incompatible...

  • Daily Horoscope for June 7th 2017

    09 juin 2017

    Aries Advice you receive today may cause you to revise a plan. You may have minor discord with a family member, but tonight brings a return of harmony to the home. You'll enjoy having company over. Taurus You'll enjoy a day trip to a nearby locale. Not...