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Horoscope 2018 for Gemini (my zodiac sign)

For the natives of the sign of the twins is a time in which they must strengthen in the personal and in the private.

It is not auspicious to be carried away by the affections, because you suffer from a serious emotional deprivation. Horoscope2018.guru has an interesting opinion about this subject. Here is the url : https://www.horoscope2018.guru/gemini/

It is a period in which the heart should be kept in its quarters of winter, and from there be healed, strengthened, and rewritten from there the rules of affection or love. In the meantime, you must take care of other aspects of your life.

Gemini and health.
Things in your body have been good, and there is no reason for you to worry about this 2018 in physical aspects. Saturn watches in the skies for the good performance of your systems, and your metabolic balance is at its best. However, it is your mind where anxiety and frustration make you wobble. You need to seriously consider a therapy to get those demons out that do not let you be the productive, happy person you are called to be. Do it: you will see that the solution to your evils is very simple.


Gemini and work.
For the natives of this sign, work is a space where they leave everything: effort, energy, ambitions ... For them, employment is everything, because it is the opportunity to multiply, to leave a mark, to leave a legacy. This year the rules in that regard are going to change, and it will be necessary for Gemini to stop focusing her life on the job, and steal time from her work to invest in emotional terms.
Frustration, depression, contained anger ... They are small hells in which you will continue if you do not decide to live with a little more freedom, and you can preserve for yourself a little of the joy and dedication that you leave at work. Go, study, give yourself time: it is time for you to let yourself live, and do not dedicate yourself to living just for the profit.

Gemini and love.
The twins are convinced that they love a person because of the many that can be reflected in them, by all that is in them. That, of course, is a mirage, and only leads to hard disappointments. You've worked hard for a long time to make the person you have by your side in a clone of your person: someone with your tastes and goals. That process has been suffocating, you have made that person lose sight of their own desires.
You have to take three steps back, and look at the person you love from another perspective: you have to see him as he is. Let it be, let it go its own way. Whether it is your current partner or your future relationship, you have to rethink the rules with which you live to love. And you must understand that love is written between two, with different calligraphy, different inks, and destinies. If you let that person be who you are, you can be the person you deserve.

Gemini and family.
The family for those born under the sign of the twins should be, above all, a source of joy and distractions, supports before the inclemencies of life. In recent times the family for you, however, has become a source of grief, doubts and fights.
It happens that you have mixed in stories of your family that you have no control, and which you are not the protagonist. It is best that you stay away from those conflicts, and that you decide to write your own story, with your own effort. It is time to live more for yourself than for others. Take some time for yourself, and stay away from those other wars.

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