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Astrology forecast for May 2017

As major alignments between the outer planets begin to subside or generate momentum, May features a handful of smaller alignments that will provide some minor shifts and interest along the path of this month, but nothing tremendously consequential. For fear of giving a particular month an insecurity complex, one never wants to simply dismiss one month as being minor and unimportant, however, February's purpose appears to be some much needed stasis and leveling off of energy relative to previous and upcoming months.

Venus, which made some significant conjunctions to the outer planets of Uranus and Neptune in January, makes a square, or ninety degree alignment, with Saturn at mid-month. Collectively, this may place some tensions in the arenas of entertainment and it even has some minor financial repercussions as well. However, this short-lived transit has its greatest impact on personal relationships. This is certainly a time to clean up issues effecting current relationships and to be honest and serious about any intimate relationship that may be transitioning into deeper forms of commitment. Venus-Saturn alignments can bring a needed grounding influence to relationships that have been fueled primarily by the initial sparks of romance and love. However, Venus-Saturn alignments are even more notorious for serious talks, sobering assessments, and tests that ultimately deepen intimacy.

As Venus made two potent conjunctions to Uranus and Neptune in the last weeks, now it is Mercury's turn. As Mercury was in hard aspect to Saturn for nearly all of January, Mercury aspects to Neptune and Uranus are sure to bring significant changes to communication on global and personal levels. Collectively, the Mercury conjunctions to Neptune and Uranus and certainly going to correlate with changes in the Presidential race. In particular, as both the Sun and Mercury form a conjunction to Uranus late in the month, this may be a time in surprising changes in campaigns and voter preferences. Uranus-Mercury alignments have an uncanny way of coinciding with the release of new and surprising information, or important reversals in communication. On a personal level, the last days of February may indeed be a time which bears significantly interesting and unique communications.

Mars's most significant aspect this month is to Neptune, spanning the latter half of the month. With the tense and stressful square to Neptune, the assertive and warrior energy associated with Mars can be weakened and debilitated, or there can be imperatives toward finding peaceful resolutions to conflicts. Neptune often has a softening effect on the fiery directness affiliated with Mars. However, the square aspect between the two planets suggests that this softening effect may actually have an undermining or even deceptive quality to it.

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