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The Sun in the Zodiac Houses

1st House
The Sun in the 1st shows a strong need to be seen. Self driven and looking for personal success. Like to be in charge and in control of their life. Will act like an Aries, and have additional drive and energy. Will need
to accept some public role in life. Focus will be on self issues first. Challenge is to relate.

2nd House
The Sun in the 2nd shows a strong need to be secure, have money and deal with financial issues in life. If the Sun is under stress aspects this person may not handle money well, they could in fact have bankcrupcy problem. If well aspected this can show wealth or security through property or managing money. May have difficulty in sharing their resources and put too much store on what they have. Can give a heaviness of build - a Taurus body shape.

3rd House
The Sun in the 3rd shows a curious nature, where relationships with siblings set an early scene. A natural communicator or teacher, and someone who needs to talk and get their message across. Many have writing ability. A need to learn patience and consistency. Many act and look like Gemini with this placement.

4th House
The Sun in the 4th house shows a strong need in this life for family and a strong home life. Early childhood important. Depending on early conditions, can indicate how safe or secure they feel. Often remain close to family or community where bought up. Often do not like to leave the family home and remain close in
life. Will always look to set up home wherever they go. Both sexes will have strong nurturing skills and their home will be their castle. Many find their emotions are changeable, and in this way they are like Cancer. The Sun in this house can almost operate more like the Moon.

5th House
The Sun in the 5th house shows a strong creative streak and a love of life. It is the ruler of this house. Often a lot of interests, some competitive (sport) or as entreprenaurs in working on their self creations. Children can also be important in this life. Gambling can be an issue, or getting involved in risky schemes. A love of games, personal pleasures, and being with people. Self-initiating person.

6th House
The Sun in the 6th house shows a strong
leaning towards work and health. Sometimes both
are connected in this person. The sign of the sun and its aspects, can indicate a major health strength or weakness. Often shows a special talent for healing and some become vets or pharmacists. Hard worker and offering service is their main priority. Many like to be bosses with this placing, but if the sun is afflicted
they will have problem with those at their work.

7th House
The Sun in the 7th house shows the light shining on relationships in this life. This can be a blessing because of all the people they meet, but also shows conflict exists. It is very important for this person to have close
partners and friends. Make good counsellors because they often have a diplomatic manner and like to help others. More often work with a partner than alone.

8th House
The Sun in the 8th house can denote an interest in mysticism, occult and psychology. The emotions are deep seated. Sometimes they will act as brokers or bankers to others, or deal with their tax affairs. Once this person knows what interests them, they are great
researchers and understanders of human emotion.
Issues of sex and close emotional relationships are always a major part of life.

9th House
The Sun in the 9th House can indicate that a great deal of life is spend travel or away from place of birth. Some even live in other countries. Further education is helpful and desirable to enhance their questing nature.
There is usually a desire to study and for some a natural flair for languages. Others will be drawn towards the legal profession. Many have a tolerant attitude to the cusoms and points of view of others.

10th House

The Sun in the 10th house shows that career interests will assume greater than average importance. Need a goal and something to strive for. Many will work for themselves and some will lead famous lives. Often bought to the attention of the public (how well the Sun
sits here usually indicates fame or infamy).
Many neglect the more personal sides of their life with this position, with the result that marriages and friendships can suffer. Much will depend on what sign the Sun is in placed in 10th and the more outgoing Signs could indicate more drive, than the passive signs. Need to be a leader and some may go into politics or Government.

11th House
The Sun in the 11th house shows the need to connect to groups and other like minded people. Some will take office in these groups, and become a leader of a team. Have a strong organisational ability. Friends will be a rewarding part of life (except if there are serious oppositions or square to 5/8/2/). Will try to put new reforms or regimes into place in this life that benefit future generations. Can become attached to alternative groups.

12th House

The Sun in the 12th house shows a need to repay karmic debts in this life. Much time will be conducted behind the scenes and in places of withdrawal. Good placing for those in the medical profession. A need for forgive those who hurt them. Many will have strong psychic abilities, a need for belief, and some will struggle with their conscience. When working correctly this person will give out an empathy to those in need. Great healers have this position. A psychological position early in life that will life when the Progressed Sun moves to the Ascendant and note should be made
of this time. Many with this position are shy and retiring and act very much like a Pisces person. They can have health problems and many will be in hospital in their young life, or be introduced to this through their early life.

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