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The Planetary Aspects

Planets are expressed through their `natal' sign and house position, and also by the aspects they form with other Planets. These aspects are drawn on each chart, and different colours are used to denote whether the Planets have a compatible or incompatible relationship to each other. The blue or black lines indicate challenging angles, and red lines show harmonious influences exist.
Many charts show a combination of both of the above. The most common aspects used are:


 Shows two or more planets very close together within the same sign or house. They are inclined to work together, like a fusion of energy.



Here planets are approximately 60° or two signs apart. This puts them either in Water/Earth, or Fire/Air combinations. Social aspect.



 Shows a conflict because the Planets appear 3 signs or 90° apart. They are in conflict, with diverging needs and create disharmony.



Planet in `trine' to each other are most often placed within the same element, either both in Fire, Earth, Air or Water. This shows that
the planets are approximately 120° and are harmonious. Creative influence.


The `opposition' aspects are easily seen as they connect Planets that are in opposing signs and therefore have a 180° aspect. This is a separative aspect and creates conflict in relationships.

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