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The Horizon and Meridian

These are shown on the Birthchart as the Ascendant and Descendant Line and the Midheaven (MC) and (IC) the high and low of each chart. They show very strong emphasis within each chart.

The Ascendant
This shows the degree and sign that was rising at the time, date and place of birth. As this changes every 4 minutes, an accurate birth time is essential for a correct birthchart to be prepared. This point is thought of as the doorway of the chart. It acts a bit like a mask, to allow approaches to new parts of life with some consistency, through this sign. It shows how other people see you and often how you appear.

Its ruling Planet is called the `Life Ruler of the Chart' and this sign has equal importance with the Sun sign. Many times when we meet new people, we are actually meeting their Ascending sign, not their Sun sign, and can lead to disillusionment in long-term relationships, when `we' seem to change into another person over time.

The Descendant
The opposite point to the Ascendant, and shows our need for close relationships, and often the type of mate we are seeking. Can indicate the type of people we will meet up with along the pathway of this life.

The Mid-Heaven
This is written as the M.C. and shows what sign was directly overhead at the time of birth. This can show a strong family connection, and often this sign represents an important person in the family. Can show what type of professional or career interests. How we see our status and reputation unfolding in this life.

The I.C.
The Nadir, or lowest point of the chart. Can also show strong family connections and our early life experiences.

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