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Houses of the Zodiac


As there are 12 Houses in each birthchart they all relate to a specific area of life. They act like a stage for the Planets to show their influence. Sometimes there are many planets in one House, and always some are vacant. As I only deal with 10 Planets and there are 12 houses there will always be some not tenanted. If many planets are shown to be in one particular house, then that becomes a more emphasised area in your life. They are as follows:


1st House

Individual identity. Your personal attitude and approach to life. Any Planets placed in this house colours the outer personality.

2nd House

Values, possessions, how you earn money. Personal self worth. Hidden talents.

3rd House

House of basic learning. Relationship with siblings. How you think.

4th House

Home, family and early life conditions. Inner security and comfort.

5th House

Pleasures and having fun. Self creative and competitive. Children. Love affairs.

6th House

Work, health and service. What your approach to these matters is. Also they can be health indicators.

7th House

Close relationship and partnership area. One to one contact. Need for a partner, dislikes being alone.

8th House

Financial and emotional contact with others - shared resources. Death and inheritance. Accrued moneys.

9th House

Travel and contact with foreign places. Higher education. Aspirations.

10th House

Professional interests. What you do in the outside world. Career and achievement is important if many planets here.

11th House

Friends. Groups and interests. Gifts from associations

12th House

Hidden area. Spiritual and unconscious attitudes shown. Place of withdrawal. A house of self sacrifice.


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