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What sometimes gets left out of the equation are the opportunities inherent in the apparent chaos of life -- chaos meaning, "the potential for change." A good example is the Eclipse period we are now passing through between 1/21 and 2/18.

The Lunar Eclipse at 11-degrees in Leo/Aquarius on 1/31 indicates culminating events, climaxes, possible separations, fulfillment, peaks or valleys in personal affairs, depending upon where the eclipse lands in our personal horoscopes. (It's can be helpful to know where.)

The Solar Eclipse at 27-degrees Aquarius on 2/15 represents an influx of tremendous energy to set forth a NEW LONG-TERM DIRECTION -- again, depending upon where this eclipse takes place in your horoscope. The role of astrology is to alert us to something valuable in life -- the appreciation of cycles and ways to make auspicious use of them. "Auspicious use" means to know when to release the past, to revise our direction in the present, in order to set a new cause in motion which will impact our future. Mostly what happens is that we stumble into these new cycles, and consequently are unable to take full advantage of them.

Take one look at the dramatic ups and downs of the stock market and you'll get an idea of what these influxing energies are telling us. Investors are players. They are taking their money and taking the risk to multiply it. Some will win and obviously some will lose. But they are taking a chance -- and this counts for a lot, for Leo-Aquarius energy is about speculative ventures of all types and following our hearts TO CREATE NEW OPPORTUNITIES for everyone. It's not about taking; it's about giving and then experiencing the reward as a by-product. But it's difficult not to get stuck in the money side of it, thinking that money is supply rather than Source being supply. Everything that has come to us, including computer hardware, comes from the earth and the Great Mover who stands behind all creation.

This brings us to the obvious question of what we as independent souls and human beings are willing to invest in. Again, it's not always a matter of money. It can be investing in a new course of study; in a new technology that makes us more productive; in our family and friends; in regenerating our health. What we take out of life demands that we reinvest, that we give, give, give, not necessarily with thought of reward, but simply because it's time to render back unto life more life.

Facing the unexpected difficulties that crop up during intense Eclipse periods are part of the investment process. To surmount these obstacles requires commitment, determination and persistence. It may also mean coming face to face with the most fixed part of our natures, because Leo-Aquarius are Fixed signs in astrology and represent the most spoiled and stubborn parts of our nature. The coming Leo-Aquarius eclipses in July and August are also part of this process. In the meantime, life is seeking renewal through these potent forces that are fueling us for the next few months of our existence. Jupiter moving into Aries on 2/12, and Saturn LEAVING Aries on 2/28, will open new frontiers for the courageous and bright of spirit. Take stock in thyself.

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